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Viral Vendorz

3 In 1 Dog Pet Feeder Water Bottle

3 In 1 Dog Pet Feeder Water Bottle

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Elevate your pet care routine with our cutting-edge Smart Home Pet Product: the 3-in-1 Dog Water Bottle Pet Feeder! This ingenious device, designed for the modern pet owner, seamlessly combines the functionalities of a water dispenser, food container, and waste bag holder within a compact, portable bottle.


  • Smart Home Pet Product innovation, tailored for tech-savvy pet owners
  • Unparalleled convenience packed into a compact, easy-to-carry design
  • Effortless usability, catering to pet owners of all levels of expertise
  • Intelligently integrated functions, including hydration and waste management, streamline your pet care regimen
  • Facilitates seamless drinking water access for your furry friend while simplifying feeding for pet owners

Discover the future of pet care with our 3-in-1 Smart Home Dog Water Bottle Pet Feeder. Revolutionize the way you nurture your pet today!

Product color: Lake blue yellow green pink
Product capacity: 300ML/500ML
Material: ABS
1style: 300ml water capacity + food box + garbage bag
2style: 500ml water capacity + food box + garbage bag
Other 300ml:  water capacity + garbage bag
3style: 500ml water capacity + garbage bag

300ml/500ml Set:   water capacity + food box + garbage bag

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